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Diverse Learning Environments



BBLC’s infant room starts enrolling children beginning at six weeks of age. Families in the infant room will have a pleasant and welcoming transition into childcare.

The infant room teachers engage with each family to personalize transitions and separation so that families can go for the day knowing that their child is happy and safe.

Individual schedules and experiences are created by the teachers following parents wishes to fit the needs of each infant enrolled in our center. Following enrollment, staff will discuss with families sleeping, feeding routines, and preferences.

Once your child turns 18 months old, they will start transitioning over to our toddler room.

Families will be partners in their child's daily care at Building Blocks Learning Center from the moment they arrive.



The toddler room is our 18 month to 36 month/3 year old room.

This can be a very anxious transition for not only the children, but the parents. This room is perfect for those little developing minds. Toddlers are really starting to find their own, and want to feel independent and supported. As these children need the proper guidance, we help each child learn several life skills as in table time manners, structured routines, cleaning up after themselves,  potty training, and prepping for preschool.

Communication to and from parents is very high on our lists. That’s where we’ve seen the best results from children leaving this room.

As our daily schedule is listed below,  we try to stay pretty consistent with that each day. 

Click HERE to view the Toddler Room daily schedule.

DSC_8504 2.JPG


In our 3-4 year old preschool room, we strive to provide a happy, safe environment that makes learning fun, helps build confidence, and instills a love of learning in each child.


Social, emotional, and intellectual growth occur quickly at this stage, and it’s important to surround your child with positive learning opportunities. Our preschool program is designed to motivate your child’s curiosity and train them to learn effectively and confidently.


Our preschool curriculum uses music & movement, creative art, story time, numbers, letters and hands-on activities to encourage your child's first steps toward their early developmental goals. Social awareness is also an important stage of development for children at this age.

We encourage our preschoolers to respect and be kind and considerate of others, to listen and to follow instructions.

Click HERE to view the Guppies daily schedule.


In our 4-5 year old Pre-K room we start to get your child prepared for Kindergarten. We will deepen your child’s knowledge in language, math, science, nature, social/emotional skills, and self help skills.


Your child will get in the routine of following a structured daily schedule and helping to build their independence. We will do a lot of learning through play with some knowledge and academic based center and small group time. We will practice and work on problem solving skills by using our words on our own and also with a teacher's help.


We really try to focus on kindness and respect by encouraging each child to talk about themselves and their friends/families so they can learn to appreciate differences and similarities of their peers. We concentrate on really getting the kids comfortable with their handwriting skills and being able to spell and write words on their own as well as their full name. We will have art, music, and large body movement time to let your child express their creative and imaginative sides as well as working on following multi-step instruction and fine-motor skills.


Our goal for the Pre-K room is to pair your child’s natural talent and curiosity with skilled teachers and curriculum that can help meet every child where they are, so that children of all abilities can grow and learn at their own pace.

Click HERE to view Sharks daily schedule.

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